Karoo Soccer and Tee Ball teams Win Division Finals

Two Karoo teams, the Boys’ Soccer and Boys’ Tee Ball teams, have experienced great success at the Division Finals, held last week. Both teams qualified for the Grand Final at each event and both won their respective Grand Final matches. Well done to all the students on their hard work, excellent teamwork and fine play! Thank you to Mrs Watson for attending on both days and to

Con Mavridis who coached the soccer team and once again gave his time to attend and support the team. Thank you also to the parents who transported the students and stayed to cheer them on.
Both teams now go on to the Regional Finals, on Thursday August 21st for soccer and Monday September 1st for tee ball. The students will receive a notice detailing these events in the coming week.

Lunchtime Sport Equipment for Yard Duty Winners

The year level that win the Yard Duty Award, at the end of each week, receive the Yard Duty Trophy for their efforts. In addition to the trophy the winning level will now have use of extra sports equipment during a lunch time session in the following week as a reward. This week it was the Year 2 students who enjoyed using the extra equipment. The Y6 Sport Monitors are selecting and organising the sports equipment, overseeing its use and arranging for its safe return to the gym. It was great to see the Sport Monitors interacting with the younger students who were using the equipment on Tuesday. Well done Year 2s and Sport monitors!

Hooptime Basketball Competition

Training and team selections are underway for this upcoming event. We are likely to enter 6 senior teams and 4 junior teams in the competition to be held on September 5th. Students who are selected for the teams will receive a permission form approximately 3 weeks prior to the event. There will be a charge to cover the team entries and bus costs.

Charity Function

Congratulations to the KPA and support of the community in the success of the recent fund raising event in the selling of Zaidee Rainbow Shoelaces which were all sold! The afternoon tea in the staff room on Friday afternoon was also well supported. Sincere thanks to all involved in making this such a success.

Greenscape Project and Community Trail

Currently displayed in our foyer area is the Master Plan detail of the Karoo Greenscape and Community Trail which is being funded through the recent $10,000 grant which we set aside for this purpose. This will be a fantastic project for our school with some great ideas that have been put forward. One of the first parts of the plan to be implemented will be the Prep Grass Maze to be located at the back of the Prep unit. Around the Year One area it is envisaged to use this as a garden area and to enclose this space between the portables. Other ideas include an Imaginary Play Space, a Tyre Garden, an Outdoor Art and Music area and a bright and attractive school entrance. Students already have had significant input into their playing environment and development of a community trail to be established around the perimeter of the school grounds.

A sincere thanks to Karen Corrales for her vision and hard work in getting this project up and running. I’m sure Karen will be grateful for ongoing community support in realising the potential and detail of this venture.

100 Days of Prep

Congratulations to the Preps who this Friday will be celebrating 100 days of their first year at school! Those excited little faces that appeared in late January to commence school have now matured into confident, independent Preps! It is terrific to see them fully involved in their learning and to see the development in their literacy and numeracy skills.

I believe that donut treats will be part of the celebration!

Healthy Lunch and Sports Expo Day

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014
On Friday, 20th June the Prep and Year 5 grades eagerly joined together for their Healthy Lunch and Sport expo day. To begin with, Year 5s assisted their buddies to complete various sporting activities, such as egg and spoon races. All participants could be seen dressed as their favourite sports people, ranging from ballet dancers to football players.

Afterwards, buddies worked together to create a procedure outlining how to make a delicious lunch. Preps then made their own healthy sandwiches with their buddies and enjoyed some fruit and juice. Overall, it was a wonderful event which reinforced the connections between these two year levels.

  • ‘How to Make a Delicious Sandwich’
  • Working together on our worksheets
  • Doing some healthy exercise
  • Having a dance with our buddies
  • Parachute fun
  • Who is that hiding underneath?