DSC_0226Promoting health, supporting student health care needs and reducing health risks are important to everyone at our school.

There is a fully equipped First Aid room in the school and all teachers are proficient at handling minor injuries.  First Aid trained personnel man the Sick Bay each day from 8.45am to 3.45pm.

In the case of major accidents, parents are immediately notified and appropriate action taken so that the injured child can receive medical treatment as soon as possible. It is vitally important that parents advise us of any changes to phone contact numbers.



Prescribed medication

If your child is being prescribed medication that needs to be taken during the day, a  Medication Permission Form  must be completed and signed by a parent before it can be administered by Karoo staff. The medication (in its original packaging) and signed permission form must be brought to the school office.

Allergies / Anaphyalixis

If your child has been diagnosed with an allergy, it is important that you let the school office know as soon as you become aware of it, or if your child’s allergy changes.
If your child has been diagnosed at risk of an anaphylactic reaction to the allergy, an Anaphylaxis Management Plan must be prepared each year in conjunction with our First Aid staff, that includes strategies to minimise the risk of a severe allergic reaction whilst at school.  Epipens and/or anti-histamine medication must be provided to the school.


Karoo is an registered with the Asthma Foundation as an ‘Asthma Friendly School’ and therefore follows the Victorian Schools Asthma Policy for Asthma First Aid. Any child diagnosed with asthma must have an Asthma First Aid plan filed with the school.  This plan is available from the school office and is to be completed by the parent each year to ensure we have the most up to date details of your child’s asthma needs.

 Managing specific health needs

If your child has a specific health condition, please notify the school office so we can work together to manage the condition while the child is at school.


It is a requirement of the Department of Education and Training that an Immunisation Certificate is presented for each child upon enrolment.  This certificate can be obtained from the Australian Childhood Registry (phone 1800 653 809) or Medicare (either your local Medicare office or online at www.medicareaustralia.gov.au/online).  If your child has not received all or any immunisations at the time of enrolment, you must still provide either an Immunisation certificate or a letter from your medical practitioner.

Head lice

Head lice is a common occurrence during a child’s school life. At Karoo parents and staff are required to report any infestations, in confidence, to the office.   If your child has head lice please treat your child with an appropriate preparation, and remember to keep checking regularly. Your child may return to school once treatment has commenced.  Students with long hair are encouraged to attend school with hair tied back.
About Head Lice – information for parents