At Karoo Primary School we have an enthusiastic and dedicated Student Council who have been elected by the students at Karoo. Our Student Council is comprised of a representative from each year 3-6 class and is run with the guidance of two classroom teachers. Our Student Councillors take pride in representing student voice and often survey their peers to identify ideas and issues of importance. Regular meetings are conducted in which our Student Council members share their thoughts and findings and organise future initiative and events.

Our Student Council will work together to:

  • Organise and run events for students at Karoo
  • Organise fundraising events for various charities, special causes and for the improvement of school facilities.
  • Act as Tour Guides of visitors to the school on important occasions such as Open Days / Evenings and school celebrations.
  • Represent Karoo Primary School at special ceremonies (eg. Remembrance Day)
  • Consult with children in own classrooms and report school-based concerns to the School Council.

2016 JSC Members

Junior School Council Captain:  Emma L

Year 3:  Tabitha F, Harry S, Keira D, Paolo B, Liam T and Charley A

Year 4:  Mitchell P, Chrlie L, Chelsea M, Taya M, Isabella P and Ava L

Year 5:  Aidan S, Brooke M, Lucinda S, Lewis K, Kris P and Matthew H

Year 6:  Michael Y, James W, Isabella L