A  key feature of Karoo Primary School’s success is the active involvement of students in the life of the school.  The school offers a diverse range of leadership opportunities for all students that includes joining leadership teams and participating in leadership programs:

School Captains, House Captains, School Council, Student Voice Captains, Performing Arts Captains, Information & Communication Technology (ICT)/eSmart Captains, Library Monitors, Science Captains and Visual Arts Crew Captains.

Through these roles, we focus on the skills, values and attitudes needed for effective student leadership.

To learn further about our current captains & monitors, please follow one of the below links:

Through their participation students learn about:

  • public speaking
  • ‘what makes’ a good leader
  • organisational and team skills
  • encouraging and problem solving

Our student leaders and monitors are our role models. As role models, our student leaders and monitors are to act with:

  • care and courtesy and reliability
  • be capable of doing the job
  • positive and enthusiastic
  • show empathy towards others and act as good friends would
  • use  manners and basic good grace when dealing with other students and adults
  • treat others fairly, honesty and keep their  dignity in tact
  • self  discipline
  • show self  control of your feelings and your actions

Students are given support on how to become a student leader and monitor and build the following attributes:

  • responsible, reliable and trustworthy
  • friendly and act like a good friend should
  • works well with others
Student Voice Captains Poppy G & Aidan S
ICT/eSmart Captains Marcus C & Balin Y
Library Captains Paige H, Shehara J, Lucy J & Teia W 
Performing Arts Captains Abigail B, Owen C, Lucinda S & Anneshae P
Visual Arts Crew (V.A.C.) Captains Jessica S, Shaye P, Ashlyn J & Jenna B 
Science Captains Olivia W & Sam V