School Captains

The School Captains at Karoo are selected at the end of each year, prior to commencement. All students in Year 5 are given the opportunity to nominate themselves for the position of School Captain for the following year. Nominees prepare a speech and deliver it to their peers who then vote for the person they think would best represent them and the school. Staff also have input into who best suits the position. One boy and girl school captain is selected from these students and they hold the position for one year.The new captains are presented to the school community at our special assembly at year’s end. This tradition “passes the baton” from current school leaders to those of the following year. Our school captains are regularly called on to greet visitors to our school and to show them around. They also are involved in a range of activities at Friday’s assembly including the presenting of the Student of the Week awards.

Our 2018 School Captains are Aimee and Ryan.