Across the school, we offer varied incursions to engage and enhance all our students learning and development.

Speak Stars program is run by Super Speak, formally Chatterbox Inc, it is Melbourne’s award winning drama & speaking school. This program assists students with their personal development and leadership skills, especially as they prepare for secondary school. 

Speak Stars provides students with opportunities to expand their skills in communication and public speaking by participating in activities such as voice work, story telling, persuasive speaking and information telling. This great organisation also helps students to become more confident, by doing things such as role playing, script work, improvisation and characterisation. It involves students participating in six one-hour workshops over a consecutive number of weeks. The sessions are held in school and conducted by Vicki Skyring, an experienced teacher in Drama, Speech and English. Vicki presents her lessons in a motivating, stimulating and challenging way to maximise the students’ learning experiences in a fun, enjoyable and safe environment.

For further information about Super Speak and Speak Stars, please follow the link.