Fun Lunchtime Clubs

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATeachers are supervising a number of exciting and fun clubs throughout the school at lunchtimes.  There is a roster for what’s on each day and children can join in the activities every day if they wish! Lots of children are interested in creative and craft activities and in the winter months they particularly enjoy socialising and learning new things that are separate from the playground.  

Out staff have lots of hidden talents and the lunch time clubs offer the opportunity for the teachers to work with different age groups and share their wonderful skills. 

Clubs have included Chess, Knitting, Greenthumbs Gardening, Boot camp, De-Coding, Drawing, Make and Do, Construction, Library, Craft, iPad, Puzzle, Scratch-Coding, Origami and Relaxation.  Each week there is a choice of clubs to join and each term the clubs change.