The Karoo Community Grant has been awarded and the successful recipient has combined two proposals put forward, the Karoo ‘Greenscape’ Project and ‘The Community Track.’

The ‘Greenscape’ Project is a master plan which proposes to enhance the grounds at Karoo Primary School with creative, innovative and enhanced play spaces, which will incorporate a ‘Community Track.’ ‘The Community Track’ will provide not only a place for fitness, health and wellbeing, it will also incorporate informative markers which will detail the history of Karoo Primary School, its students and the local area.

Ultimately this master plan aims to provide students with:

  • A sense of ownership through student voice
  • Enhanced school pride through direct involvement
  • Hands on participation, something to be proud of for their efforts
  • Spaces which provide for imaginative play, social interactions, outdoor learning and value adding to the curriculum
  • A better understanding of ‘Sustainability’ and how they can have an impact and how to reduce, reuse and recycle materials for a cleaner environment.

For families and the local community it will provide;

  • Children being engaged in their learning environment
  • The opportunity to become involved in a long term project
  • Sharing of knowledge, experience and trades
  • Opportunities to share with their children the experience of growing vegies, cooking, construction and general health and wellbeing