We have 2 minute parking zones that are effective from 8:15- 9:15am each school day in two places—on Karoo Road (near the school crossing) and on Murrindal Drive (near the childcare centre). These spaces are for drop offs only. Parents are asked to check the parking signs to ensure they are not infringing parking laws.

The staff car park, the milk bar car park and Kellbourne Childcare Centre’s car park are not to be used for school parking. We ask that you show courtesy to our neighbours and do not park across driveways. There is always ample parking along Murrindal Drive, Karoo Road and on Kellbourne Drive (on the other side of the reserve), a short walk from school gates. Please use school crossings if parked on opposite side of the road.

Knox Council regularly monitors the area and issue fines.

In 2014, there has been a strong awareness campaign of the importance of road safety in our school’s surrounding streets.

Please adhere to the speed limit of 40 kms per hour. Equally important is for pedestrians to cross at the designated school crossings. Unfortunately, not all families are crossing at the school crossing at the front of the school but rather are walking out the front gate and walking across the road rather than taking a little extra time to use the crossing. In the interests of the safety of our children could you please use the crossings provided for our safety.

  • Restricted parking in school zones is there for the safety of our children.
  • It is designed to help all road users maintain safe lines of vision.
  • It is designed to allow for a turnover of vehicles within a limited area.
  • Illegal parking creates a dangerous environment for children as it can severely reduce their view of approaching vehicles.

IMG_0190Why are school crossings important?

Young children do not have a well developed sense of danger. They also do not have well developed peripheral (side) vision or spatial sense. This makes it difficult for them to properly judge the safe time to cross a road. Supervised school crossings were formally introduced in the 1970s to protect children from this risk.

Why do we need parking and traffic controls around school crossings?

Crossing supervisors need to have a clear field of vision in all directions around their crossing, so that they can spot approaching children and vehicles as soon as possible. Because children are often very small, cars parked or stopped too close to crossings can completely obscure them from the view of supervisors and drivers. Coupled with children’s limited ability to identify danger, this can create a very hazardous situation.Parents and other people who are dropping off/picking up children also need reasonable access to parking for that purpose.

See more at: Crossing Safety PDF (Knox City Council)