There is no doubt children love learning about science. Their natural curiosity in discovering about the world around them is a great platform for learning the ‘how and why’ of the way things work.


P1130784At Karoo Primary School, Science is usually integrated into the curriculum via Inquiry Learning or Integrated Studies topics. This allows science knowledge and skills to develop within the context of a broad topic. There are opportunities for both direct teaching and discovery learning. Students are encouraged to question, explore, research, experiment and finally to form their own conclusions about their observations. Children always love conducting their own experiments and watching demonstrations that have exciting or unexpected results.


P1130776P1130774The school has a well-equipped science resource room, containing a large quantity of exciting and useful equipment. This ranges from a recently purchased handheld computer microscope, to human body models, to equipment for electrical circuitry and much, much more. There are also materials and tools for making models and equipment for science or technology projects.

The four areas of science covered are: the Biological sciences (ie. life cycles, growth, plants and animals), Chemical sciences (ie. materials, states of matter, chemical reactions), Earth and space sciences (ie. planets, stars, Earth’s rotation) and Physical sciences (ie. forces, light, heat etc.)


The 2014 Open Day of Education Week had a Science theme at Karoo. Students and parents had a fantastic time learning and experiencing the joys of hands on scientific discovery. We all agree that while science can be messy business, it is hard to beat for capturing interest.