Year 5 Art in Term 3 will be very exciting as the students will participate in an Artist in Residence program and learn from Sculptor/Artist, Adrian Ward.

9fe0d4_f5faa51ee069450390f4d9a17e81c517Students will participate in a fabric casting sculpture program called The Fabric of Memory. This will run for nearly all of Term 3. The Fabric of Memory incursion provides students with the opportunity to tell the story about fabric-based objects, using art. Students will be invited to bring into class an “object of meaning” from their past to be transformed into sculpture. Each week students will be guided through the process of creating the artwork, starting with drawing, and then they will be guided through the process of creating their own sculpture.

At the end of the class the students will have immortalized a memory of their childhood into a sculpture. The students’ artwork will also be exhibited later in the term.

I can hardly wait for next term with the Year 5 students to see what they create! Everyone I’m sure remembers the amazing self-portraiture heads that the Year 5’s last year created; I’m sure these will be just as amazing too.

Adrian has also told me that we will be the first school to use this new program, so I will also be looking for opportunities to showcase student’s works in the local community, including Zart Art.