worldmap_bgHumanities at Karoo has a whole school focus. It is a chance for our students to explore their world, whether it is the world they live in today, the world that existed in the past, or the world that will exist in the future. Children study human relationships and the way we interact with natural and constructed environments, in different places and at different times. The Humanities play an important role in enhancing the learning of our students.

Humanities comprises the major areas of:

  • Humanities knowledge, understanding and skills
  • History
  • Geography
  • Economy (Year 5 and 6 only)

Together, through this program we assist students in developing a greater understanding of the world that exists today, around them and how they can have an impact on it. Our teachers incorporate subject areas such as History, Geography, Health, Civics and Citizenship and Cultural Studies into English and Mathematics lessons. We do this in order to enable our students to practice the skills and strategies that they learn into other areas. For example, our Year 6 students are learning about natural disasters in Term 3. They can practise their comprehension skills when reading about various disasters and draw on their mathematics skills to compare the speed of wind or measuring rain or snow fall. Additionally, in Art, they are creating a snow village, to integrate with the theme of natural disasters and have the opportunity to use design skills, measurement skills, recount opportunities, the opportunities are boundless.


Students participate in celebrations, including both multicultural celebrations, to uniquely Australian celebrations and commemorations such as ANZAC day.  This is a fantastic opportunity of the students to begin to understand the cultures and histories that have contributed to Australian society and by seeing and hearing about other places outside their experience and classroom. This is an opportunity for them to begin to consider how and why other times and places are different from their own, and to celebrate that.

What the Humanities Curriculum covers (in a school year at Karoo)?

Foundation: Family – backgrounds and migration

Year 1: Historical Knowledge and Understanding – Present and Past Family Life

Year 2: Information unavailable

Year 3/4: First Fleet, Indigenous Australians

Year 5: Information unavailable

Year 6: Information unavailable

To read more about the Victorian Curriculum Humanities Domain, follow this link