2017 Semester 2 Street Art Skateboard Project

In 2017, we will run a special program, an opportunity to present street art to our students in the classroom environment. This is also an opportunity to reflect on many of our school values.

Street Art is a fantastic art form that the students are already familiar with. Street Art has already become part of the fabric of Melbourne and we have become internationally known for our Street Art alleyways.

We will look at many examples and students will have complete direction of their very own full size skateboard deck. They will choose how to shape the plain wooden skateboard deck into an awesome piece of art. This will run for all of Term 3 (10 weeks).

We will cover a number of techniques, processes and media and related art history as part of the program. Each week students will be guided through the process of creating the artwork, starting with research, drawing, and then through the process of creating their own Street Art creation.

Students will develop skills, techniques and knowledge and enjoy an amazing creative experience.