We learn Indonesian at Karoo!

Untitled-11Learning a second language and culture gives children the opportunity to reflect on their own language and culture.

Karoo Primary School provides a Language program for all students from Foundation (Prep) to Year 4, as outlined in the Discipline Based Learning strand of the Victorian Curriculum – Languages.

Our Indonesian program runs for 60 minutes per week with a qualified teacher. Within that session, our Specialist teacher delivers a concise, realistic and practical language program aimed at teaching students basic communicative language and knowledge of the Indonesian culture. Our Indonesian program follows the Victorian Curriculum guidelines. The Victorian Curriculum Languages introduction states “In learning a language, students develop communication skills and knowledge and come to understand social, historical, familial relationships and other aspects of the specific language and culture of the speakers of the language they are studying. Learners are also provided with the tools, through comparison and reflection, to understand language, culture and humanity in a broad sense In this way, language learning contributes to the development of interculturally aware citizens, of increasing importance at a time of rapid and deep globalisation.”

Throughout their time the at Karoo Primary School, students:

  • Are exposed to Indonesian pronunciation, intonation and body language of native speakers of Indonesian.
  • Learn to speak the language by singing Indonesian songs, role-playing and playing language games.
  • Use the language in structured situations and activities related to their local environment: self, family, home, classroom and community.
  • Read short texts, talk about daily life and adapt language that they know to new contexts.
  • Develop their language skills and understand Indonesian culture through a variety of activities such as language games, listening to stories, word games and puzzles, rhyming, chanting and dancing.

Students in Foundation and Year 1 learn Indonesian for greetings, objects, colours, and numbers to 10 during the year. They also hear stories and songs in Indonesian. Our Specialist Indonesian teacher uses visual aids, songs and many games to learn the language, such as bingo.

In Year 2, the numbers are extended to 20. The students are involved in short role-plays and reading short sentences.

DSC_0019 2In Year 3 and Year 4, they build further on their knowledge and skills they have already learned. The students also practice the ability to write simple sentences in Indonesian.

DSC_0011 4 DSC_0014 3Students in Years 1 – 4 are exposed to Indonesian language activities that extend their understanding and promote confidence. At Karoo, this means that the students are not only learning and using Indonesian language, but they are learning about the country and people where that language is spoken.

To read more about the Victorian Curriculum – Indonesian, follow this link