After 20 years of Indonesian as the LOTE taught at Karoo, we will now be embracing a new and beautiful language and culture to our school. Following school community consultation (with interested parents, teachers and students), we are pleased to announce the new LOTE program for 2021 and beyond will be Mandarin.

To begin the implementation of the new language program, Mandarin will be taught in Foundation to Year 2 classes as a specialist program.  We are very excited to bring a new language and culture to Karoo.  While the richness of Australian culture stems from its diversity, the profundity of Chinese culture is rooted in its long history. Culture is the shared essence of a society of people, ideas and customs and a common language provides a cultural tie that transcends national boundaries.

We hope the Karoo children who are learning Mandarin reach beyond the language itself and fall in love with the culture behind it.