Karoo provides the opportunity for all Prep students to participate in the Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) on a weekly basis from Terms 2-3.

Through this program we aim to develop students’ confidence, persistence and their ability to understand and communicate about their experiences. The Perceptual Motor Program is designed to extend students perception and understanding of their environment by having them interact with it in different ways. This can involve gross motor skills such as jumping, crawling and skipping and also includes hand eye coordination activities like catching and throwing balls and eye tracking activities. It supports the development of body perception, strength, fitness, flexibility and spatial awareness.


Students are taught the specific skills that they will be using and during the equipment sessions they have the opportunity to apply these skills in a range of situations. The students use a variety of equipment and this includes balls, ladders, planks to balance on, wooden shapes to crawl through and balance and scooter boards.


PMP provides a fun opportunity for parents to become a part of the school program in engaging, hands on situation as they supervise activity stations during the weekly PMP equipment sessions.

PMP provides parents the opportunity to be a part of their child’s school experience in a fun, hands on and engaging way. Students enthusiastically participate in PMP and enjoy demonstrating their skills to the parent helpers and their peers.