At Karoo Primary School we are enthusiastic about Mathematics and encourage our students to be effective mathematicians.

We aim to ensure every child is challenged and experiences success in Mathematics through differentiation practices.

Students in each year level are involved in daily Mathematics sessions covering the areas of Number/Algebra, Measurement/Geometry and Statistics/Probability. Our students also engage in opportunities to explore and develop their mathematical proficiencies; the ‘thinking and doing’ behind Mathematics. These include: Understanding, Fluency, Problem Solving and Reasoning.

Numeracy in the Junior Years – Prep to Year 2

Mathematical activities focus on the manipulation of materials in an environment that supports engagement and social development. Our younger students are encouraged to describe and voice their mathematical thinking, e.g. through sharing and interacting with others.

Numeracy in the Upper Years – Years 3 to 6

Students develop many abstract and conceptual understandings of Mathematics to become more complex thinkers. They engage in opportunities to explore and discuss problem solving strategies and develop reasoning skills to tackle real world Mathematics.