All Victorian Government Schools are governed by a School Council. Each school is a legal entity in its own right, a body corporate under Section 13 of the Education Act 1958.

School Council

  • Sets the broad direction and vision for the school
  • Leads school community conversations about key issues and challenges in education
  • Prepares and endorses the school’s strategic plan
  • Ensures that an Annual Report is made available to the school community
  • Develops, reviews and updates policies
  • Exercises a general oversight of the buildings and grounds ensuring that they are kept in good order and condition
  • Regulates and facilitates the after-hours use of school premises and grounds
  • Ensures that the school is responsive to the needs of the local community


Sub-committees assist the work of School Council by exploring key strategic issues in more detail than is possible at a School Council meeting. They provide opportunities to involve and utilise the expertise and experiences of members of the school community (and wider community) who are not members of school council.

There are six sub-committees of the Karoo PS School Council:

  • Education Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Buildings & Grounds Committee
  • Out of School Hours Care Committee
  • Marketing & Grants Committee
  • Fundraising Committee

School Council Members

Our School Council consists of seven parent representatives and five staff members who are elected at the Annual General Meeting held in March each year. Sub committee meetings for Fundraising and Education are generally held prior to Council meetings. We welcome any input from our community.