Karoo Primary School aims to cater for each child and provides students with opportunities to reach their full potential, whether it be within the classroom, specialist area or external programs. 

Within the classroom, gifted and talented students are able to work at their level by means of a differentiated curriculum. This means that the activities have different entry points for students with different abilities, knowledge and skills.  Teachers at Karoo also strive to provide students with stimulating, open ended tasks, where students can undertake investigations that further their knowledge whilst catering for different processes and differing levels of demonstration of what has been learnt. The open ended tasks tend to have different pathways to the answers as well as more than one acceptable solution. Highly gifted and talented students may be on an individualized learning plan for relevant subject areas.

Gifted and talented students are also catered for in our specialist’s areas. The Karoo Physical Education program is excellent, with dedicated teachers who provide students who excel in this area the opportunities and support to compete at district, zone and state levels in a wide range of sports.

In the area of Performing Arts, Years Three and Four students star in the school production. Roles with various demands allow gifted and talented students to shine. Selected Karoo students are regular participants in State School Spectacular. Aside from the regular Music program students can partake in choir as well as learning an instrument through an external provider. Our Visual Art program is open ended, allowing students to be supported and extended.

logo--mobileAdditionally, students are nominated by teachers to attend G.A.T.E.WAYS programs. G.A.T.E.WAYS is a program designed specifically for gifted and talented students to meet and work with likeminded students in a fun, stimulating environment.  Parents are also able to nominate their children to attend the holiday programs.


Karoo students are also able to participate in The University of New South Wales ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools) assessments. 

Identification of gifted and talented students is a controversial topic and big questions come up such as who is defining giftedness? Is there a test that is not culturally biased to determine one’s intelligence? Are only academic intelligences important or should we look at multiple intelligences?

Some common traits that may be included in a rating scale of giftedness:

  • Masters academic skills and concepts quickly and easily
  • Has an excellent memory
  • Prefers to socialise with older peers or adults
  • Has many interests or hobbies
  • Shows reading and /or math skills that are well above age or grade
  • Seems to truly enjoy the process of learning and seeks out new learning experiences independently
  • Demonstrates a focused interest in a specific or unusual area of study
  • Is good at problem solving or reasoning
  • Has an advanced sense of humour
  • Is able to maintain interest and focus for long periods of time

You can read further about gifted and talented students by following this link.

Our goal is to meet the educational and social needs of this diverse community of learners by offering an academically engaging program within the frames of caring support.

If you have any questions, please contact Fiona Marker by telephoning our office on 03 97596222.