IMG_0193Purpose Built Art Room

DSC_0039 2All Foundation to Year 6 students participate in Visual Arts sessions with one of our specialist teachers, Ms Cole or Mrs Main.

How is the program structured?

In the Visual Arts, a lesson usually begins with a 10 minute introduction, including giving the students a reason/purpose (Learning Intention) for engaging in a particular activity and what they will learn (Success Criteria), e.g. ‘Today we are going to look at examples of Commonwealth Olympians as we are going to be creating a Paper Mache sculpture of a figure doing a Commonwealth Olympic activity…’

During this time there is usually a quick demonstration of the skill/s involved. Students then gather their equipment and begin while the teacher moves around the class offering assistance. Rather than having a formal share-time at the end of the session, often the teacher will share a student’s work during a lesson, e.g. ‘ Look at the way John has used black and white tones to make the shadows ….’ or ‘ Go and look at Sara’s work she has some excellent ideas…..’

Often an activity can extend over a few weeks after which a few examples are selected for display on the walls of the Art Room, Library, Office, learning commons and classrooms.

DSC_0005 2DSC_0010 3The Visual Arts program at Karoo Primary School is highly valued and supported by the whole school community. It is designed to engage, support critical and creative thinking and promote problem-solving. Students learn through a program that is designed to provide an enjoyable and stimulating environment in which fine and gross motor skills are enhanced. All students experience activities that help develop confidence, passion, creativity, imagination and individuality.

Beautiful Displays of Student Work

IMG_0071_2Student’s artwork is displayed in the Administration building, the Library, Classrooms and Art room, on the Karoo Primary School website and feature in the Rowville-Lysterfield Community Newspaper throughout the year. At Karoo Primary School, we believe that all our students are successful artists and celebrate, encourage and support showcasing this. We frequently feature student artworks in Zart Art Student exhibitions, in school newsletters and local newspapers.

Throughout the year, students develop their experiences, skills, techniques and processes in the following areas:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Printing
  • Threads & Textiles
  • Construction
  • Clay
  • Collage
  • Mixed Media

IMG_8794 IMG_6207 

IMG_8909Students develop an understanding and awareness of art elements and principles as they progress through their years at Karoo Primary School. Additionally, with a focus on arts language development, students develop the ability to explore, appreciate, respond, interpret and critique a variety of art types and forms (art criticism and appreciation).

To read more about the Victorian Curriculum Visual Arts learning area, follow this link